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IIS Cargo Theft Annual Report Now Available

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TAPA EMEA’s President & CEO, Thorsten Neumann, shares his views of some of the latest developments in the region over the past month…


In the last issue of Vigilant, we talked about our ability to offer more specialist support to both members and non-members in the EMEA region through Transported Asset Protection Services (TAPS). One of these areas concerns value-added training solutions which companies are currently either not able to find elsewhere or feel are better provided by the experts we can source to develop and present courses.

We have already delivered our first Driver Training course, designed to increase the safety of drivers by increasing their risk awareness and understanding of how to react to criminal threats. Now, as TAPA EMEA accepts Remote Virtual Audits (RVA) for all of the Association’s Security Standards, we have also worked with auditing specialist, Jeff Dowson, to create a new course to help participants preparing for virtual audits. You can find out more on page 3 of this issue.

Are there other areas where TAPS can help provide new training solutions? If you have a specific supply chain resilience training requirement and think we can help, please let us know. In the meantime, we just achieved another record month for the number of people completing our training courses in EMEA!


Our EMEA Cargo Theft Annual Report 2020, which has now been shared with members across the region, is the biggest analysis of TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) data we have ever produced. With cargo loss data from 56 countries, it also covers more of our region than ever before.

I hope the data and intelligence it contains is of value in supporting your supply chain resilience programmes, and helping to raise awareness more broadly across our members’ organisations of the risks you are having to manage to prevent losses, and the need to support your requirements. €172 million of products stolen in 366 days is a headline-grabber but, as we know, TAPA’s IIS still only receives information on a relatively low percentage of all cargo crimes in our region. We are growing our sources of intelligence and this remains a constant focus.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be using this report to try to encourage more data sharing by law enforcement agencies and other bodies we believe have intelligence they could be sharing with our IIS. Thank you to everyone who has taken the initiative to share incident data with us in the last year. You are helping to benefit the entire TAPA Family.


Our TAPA EMEA team is growing to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible support to our record membership in the region.

It is my pleasure to confirm that George Wiessing, who is well-known to members in EMEA having previously served as Treasurer and helped to drive forward our PSR Standard with Parking Place Operators, has now joined our professional team as Finance Manager. I am also proud to welcome two new faces: Annemieke Langeler with responsibility for Admin Membership Services, and Data Analyst, Nitu Dash. Great to have you all onboard with us to support our growth!


I hope you have taken a moment to follow our new Transported Asset Protection Association EMEA page on LinkedIn, which is now the best place to find all the regional news and information updates we are posting every week. In just the space of a few days, we signed up our first 400 followers – and we want to accelerate this to bring TAPA EMEA to the widest possible audience of supply chain, security, law enforcement and other business resilience, risk management and loss prevention specialists.

If you have yet to follow us, please take a moment to do so right now in just two clicks using this link

Can I also ask you to share the link with your own networks of followers and encourage your colleagues and industry partners to follow TAPA EMEA too. With your support, we can substantially grow our audience.


This issue contains a list of the record number of 33 new members which have joined TAPA EMEA in the last month. This is a fantastic achievement for our region and suggests more and more companies are appreciating what we’re doing to help reduce losses from supply chains.

Just as impressive is the list of 15 countries where these new members come from; Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Welcome to all these new members, which all bring more knowledge and expertise into our EMEA organisation.


We always look upon insurers as a possible source of more information about the types of cargo losses impacting supply chains in EMEA – and, to do that, we need to continuing raising our profile within the insurance industry. So, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with TT Club for the Russian Cargo Theft Trends report reviewed in this issue. We now hope to find more ways to partner with TT Club, the world’s leading transport and logistics insurer.TT Club insures 80% of all maritime containers and has an insurable interest in over 46% of the world’s top 100 ports. It also insures some of the largest freight forwarders and logistics operators, as well as hundreds of smaller operators. Let’s see what more we can do together.


Over 100 TAPA EMEA members took part in our latest webinar, a fascinating and insightful presentation on truck robberies, hijacks, and jamming. Thank you to Multiprotexion’s Francesco Giannini for sharing his company’s great experience of how to prevent cargo crimes, react to incidents, and protect goods and the safety of drivers. So much valuable information and intelligence shared in just 60 minutes. Take a moment to check out our upcoming webinars and get them in your diaries. You will find these presentations are a great learning opportunity. Follow our webinar schedule here

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