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In support of TAPA EMEA’s digital transportation, new virtual online training courses went live last month for the Association’s Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR)

As the number of FSR and TSR certifications continue to increase across the EMEA region, the new training provision is designed to give members more flexibility and support as they begin or grow their TAPA certification process, and provide greater administrative efficiencies, says Markus Prinz, TAPA EMEA’s Senior Manager Trainings & Standards.

TAPA EMEA’s Full Members are each entitled to three training places per annum. Once this quota is used, additional training places can be booked at a cost for members of €200.00 per person, plus VAT if applicable. Non-members can also take part in TAPA EMEA training events for a cost of €1,499.00 per person.

Train at your own pace
The new training course materials enable each participant to work at their own pace, recognising the need to offer a flexible training solution for everyone in the supply chain security industry to allow them to step away from their training course to manage unexpected security issues. Participants no longer need to commit to set two-day training courses. Simply complete the automated registration process for your chosen course and, once the approval process is completed, you will be assigned access to the course.

Questions & answers
If you have any questions whilst you are working through the course, you can now use the online ‘Messages’ tab within the training tool. These questions are recorded and will be answered during the monthly workshop webinars by the TAPA Standards and Trainings teams.

Workshop webinars
To further assist everyone completing a TAPA EMEA training, monthly webinars are now available in the region, during which subject matter experts will address any questions and go through the ‘case studies’ which form part of the training material. More information about the webinars is sent after registration.

Completing your online exam
The new training material is module based. After completing the final module, you will be invited to complete the course by taking the exam process – and you will now automatically receive your certificate if you pass. All the information you require to successfully pass the exam will be contained in the supporting materials and the TAPA Standards, which you should download before starting your training.

Next Steps
All you need to do now is register for the course that you wish to take and, subject to final approval and payment (if required), you will receive the link to start.

TAPA EMEA training courses


“We have seen a significant acceleration in our training programme in the past year with some 1,500 member representatives and non-members completing TAPA EMEA training courses. It’s clear that online training is the preferred option for the majority of participants, and our new virtual training tool takes this a step further by making their TAPA EMEA training journey as quick, easy and flexible as possible,” Markus said. “I also remind companies that even if they are being certified by a TAPA EMEA-approved Independent Audit Body (IAB) you must still have a designated member of staff who has attended a 2020 course and passed the relevant examination.”

Training videos produced for the new programme have been recorded in English. Moving forward, TAPA EMEA is working with local teams to also develop subtitled versions in French, German, Italian and Russian languages, and others subject to demand.

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